Our Middle School program is designed as a bridge between elementary school and the increased expectations of our Upper School program. Most middle school students come to us from a self-contained class in 6th grade where each child has a separate desk and usually only one core teacher. Some come from home schooling or other alternative educational situations. School changes are big in 7th grade!

Upon entering JCS, our middle school students quickly integrate into mixed aged group classes and assume the responsibility of rotating between various teachers who are experts in their subject areas as opposed to generalists. The expectations for organization, homework, study skills and keeping track of long-term assignments heighten considerably. These skills do not come automatically for many, and we will help your student master them in Middle School.

Middle School Program (7th and 8th)

The JCS Middle School program assigns one core teacher as the middle school adviser who tracks each student and works with the rest of the faculty to train and prepare our 7th and 8th graders for Upper School. We focus on study skills necessary to being a successful student: homework tracking, long range planning, keeping an assignment calendar, prioritizing, using our online program that tracks grades and assignments, and general organization and responsibility.

Middle School students, like the Upper School students, experience a full range of academic offerings, taught in yearly rotations:

  • Language Arts (Literature ,Writing and Study Skills)
  • Social Studies (World Cultures, World Geography, Pacific NW History)
  • Inquiry Based Science
  • Mathematics (generally Pre algebra or Algebra)
  • Physical Education
  • Spanish I
  • Arts (various offerings depending upon the year)