• True Experiential


  • Engaged


  • Renowned


  • Intimate


  • Learning Through


  • Connection to the

    Wider Community

  • Personal Challenge

    and Growth

  • Fostering

    Global Awareness

  • Supportive

    School Community

Jefferson Community School

A thriving 7th-12th grade accredited school with a common purpose to forge connections.

Located in the heart of Port Townsend, WA., students participate in a unique experiential education environment that offers:

  • Top-notch academics.
  • Regular expeditions near and far.
  • A commitment to community and service.
  • Higher than average SAT score outcomes.
  • Higher than average college transfer rate.
  • Scholarships & financial assistance.

Our dedicated teachers & staff are recruited from around the country and believe deeply in JCS’s experiential education model, a model that regularly takes students out of the classroom to experience and learn from the “real world” that surrounds them. It’s a common site seeing our students at the beach analyzing kelp, on Main Street sketching interesting sights and people, or in the park firing the catapults they built in Physics class. Our students are the future and the today. It’s our duty to help them navigate the world we live in while helping them hold onto who they are and who they can be – often a far greater horizon than their wildest dreams.